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Reaching for the intact emotional self
Hearthstone's approach to care and treatment is based on years of clinical experience
and an understanding of the neuroscience of the brain. Alzheimer's is a disease in which neurons are destroyed and function is progressively lost in important parts of the brain.
As leaders in Alzheimer care, we understand the unique way in which each individual experiences this decline.

Our care is focused on the heart
We have carefully designed the Hearthstone approach around caregiving for the heart.
It is the core of our promise to create positive, fulfilling experiences for residents and an environment that allows many of them to remain at Hearthstone throughout their lives. Caring for and loving one another leads to a sense of well-being and understanding that reduces anxiety and enriches emotional life and memories. Our residents' rooms are decorated with their belongings and pictures as reminders of who they are.

Good health is fundamental
Because it is difficult for those who have Alzheimer's disease to voice specific health concerns, Hearthstone Nurses and Resident Assistants are constantly vigilant for the slightest discomfort or change in function in each resident. We use medications, exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to prevent and resolve medical problems. Our treatment environment is so effective that many residents are able to reduce their medications.

Environmental design provides subtle, continuous support
Careful design offers a soothing and comforting environment. Building in memory cues and naturally familiar places, we strive to create physical surroundings that eliminate sources of frustration and support independent actions and personal choice. There are visually engaging paths that encourage independent movement and accommodate pacing; access to healing gardens; subtle physical cues that create confidence in everyday activities.


It is Hearthstone's mission to
create a life worth living for those
with cognitive challenges by
enriching lives and offering hope.

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