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The exceptional people who interact with Hearthstone residents throughout the day are what makes Hearthstone's program unique. At Hearthstone we are very fortunate to have over 200 dedicated staff members. Sue Blackler, Director of Operations and Training,
is responsible for developing our training programs.

Dementia Sensitivity Training This training was developed specifically for Hearthstone by Nancy Mace, the author of the classic Alzheimer's caregiver's "bible", The 36-Hour Day. It helps all Hearthstone staff understand the experience of dementia from the inside out.

Off-the-Floor Training Taught by Sue Blackler, familiarizes all residence staff with the processes that make up the Hearthstone program, from forms to medication management to activities and "the flow." This program acquaints staff with all aspects of their jobs.

Teamwork Training Led by Hearthstone President, John Zeisel, Teamwork Training is central to the way Hearthstone operates. In order for everyone in the organization to be able to respond to the needs of residents and families rapidly and effectively, each person must be empowered to make decisions with his or her coworkers at the level closest to the need.

Hearthstone Mentors  At each residence are experienced Resident Assistants who have been well trained to provide on-the-floor training for new staff members. In a formal program of training, they guide new coworkers through the daily routine, emphasizing the unique Hearthstone approach that is so successful in supporting independence and reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

In-Service Education This education is built into the Hearthstone Way. Every other week, Resident Assistants at each Hearthstone Residence attend a staff meeting where they review resident care issues and attend trainings such as helping residents with walking, medication management, or new approaches to dementia treatment.

  Through the Hearthstone training our
staff understands the experience of
dementia from the inside out.

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