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From the beginning, Hearthstone's founders through their research, presentations,
and the example of Hearthstone, were instrumental in making Assisted Living a
widely accepted setting for dementia treatment.

Hearthstone’s Visitor Program is flexible and tailored to meet individual needs.
There are no “set hours” for our visitor program, we are open 24 hours a day,
including weekends. There is no minimum number of days.
Optional services include medication management and incontinence care.

Clients experiencing all stages of memory loss are welcome.
As participants in our unique I’m Still Here™ program, visitors enjoy the same interesting activity schedule as our full time residents, including art and culture experiences, intergenerational programs, outings and more.

Research suggests that cognitive stimulation, exercise and socialization are key components to maintaining cognitive vitality. Hearthstone’s Visitor Program provides
each participant with these important therapeutic supports every day.

Hearthstone is internationally recognized as a leading provider of non‐pharmacologic interventions for persons with memory loss. Our innovative Montessori‐based Activity Programming (MAP)™ and Procedural Interval Learning (PIL)™ are just two of the
ways our research is integrated into our programming to add meaning and improve
the lives of persons experiencing cognitive challenges.

Hearthstone welcomes clients to
stay with us for the whole day or
several hours – weekends too.
  Contact us to learn more about our Visitor Program   Hearthstone Alzheimer Care 130 New Boston St.
Suite 103, Woburn MA 01801
1-888-422-CARE   wecare@thehearth.org