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Learning for Life™, featuring Hearthstone's innovative C-MAP Learning System, represents a new type of programming for people who despite cognitive issues still have creative energy and the desire to accomplish.

Learning for Life™ is a multi dimensional program, employing Montessori methodology and the latest research on Procedural Memory Systems embedded in Hearthstone’s well established I’m Still Here™ approach. Participants select their own subjects of interest within an organized and supportive curriculum of learning. Throughout the day, the students engage in cultural experiences and cognitive stimulation, as well as opportunities for socialization and physical activity.  The basic daily framework of the curriculum remains constant; creating context and rituals that aid participants in learning the rhythm of their day.  The combination of new learning and predictable routine creates an environment that those living with dementia embrace because they find it both rewarding and stimulating.

Carefully studied guidance techniques and prepared environments support each student's day so subtly that they are hardly detectable to the untrained eye. They provide the tools needed to support accomplishment in a way that does not interfere with participants’ self esteem and promote feelings of dignity, self-fulfillment, participation and independence. 

Highly specialized and trained staff support the group and facilitate each member’s
projects, but do not direct the course of study.  We have found that these learning
opportunities lead to a new sense of confidence and encourage participants to challenge themselves and be open to new experiences. With this new found confidence, possibilities are limitless. The group has already chosen to study: the history of architecture from
caves to neo-classical design, stained glass history, hydroponic gardening, comparative religion, metamorphosis, wellness, transportation systems including hybrid cars,
photography, film and autobiographical writing and expression.

Learning for Life™ was conceived and created specifically for people with early stage memory loss who may be reluctant to participate in traditional programming for the Memory Impaired because they often see it as demeaning and irrelevant. Learning for Life™ creates a unique learning environment where participants try new things, plan for the future, set goals, become active participants in their community and thus regain meaning in their lives.  

Learning for Life™ shatters the “common myths” associated with dementia, reshaping our understanding of what is possible when a program is designed to help people truly succeed.  This program can increase a person’s self esteem and sense of value, while providing care givers with needed respite time. The transformations created in people who participate in the program are nothing short of amazing. According to participants’ families and care partners, Learning for Life™ “wakes them up again.”

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