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Hearthstone’s Montessori-based Activity Program (MAP)™ is based on the work of
Dr. Cameron Camp and his team. For more than 15 years they have researched effective ways to utilize the teachings of famed physician Maria Montessori to provide a framework that enables us to offer meaningful experiences throughout the day for our residents.

• Ongoing skills assessment help us to determine the remaining skills of a person
  (the focus is on strengths not deficits) and change activities as the person changes
• Invitations to join in activities incorporate choices into a person’s day

  - Invitation to participate (“would you join me?” or “would you help me?”)
  - Choices of activities (“would you like to do this or this?”)
  - Invitation to participate again in the future (“would you like to do this again sometime?”)

Ongoing engagement assessment tools enable us to determine the extent to which
a person is engaged in an activity and allow us to effectively adjust the activity to
the person’s abilities if necessary.

• Specialized approaches and communication techniques increase the likelihood
  of participation
• Social roles increase a person’s sense of purpose
• Carefully researched methodology for presenting activities help participants succeed

• Integration of prepared activity environments
  - Sit on dominant side
  - Quiet room with minimal distractions
  - Proper set up of table and activity

• External cues (templates)
• Physical demonstration

These principles underlie all of our activity programming and allow us to offer an
unmatched quality of life for those living with this disease.


Utilizing the work of Maria Montessori, Hearthstone's MAP™ programming
provides a framework that focuses
on strengths, not deficits.
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