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I am writing this letter of gratitude to the nurses and staff at Hearthstone Alzheimer's Care Center, where my 97-year-old mother is a resident. Mom suffers from Alzheimer's disease and age-related dementia, and was living in a local assisted living residence and then the attached nursing home. After a short time in the nursing home, the family began
to notice that the level of care provided was substandard. Mom was often in a neglected state and spent most of her day in a wheelchair, warehoused outside her room.

Feeling frustrated, I went online and after filling out an online form, received a phone
call the next day from an advocate, and soon had mom moved to Hearthstone Alzheimer's Care Center.

The difference in the care given at this warm and homey place is astounding. Before moving here, mom was close to non-verbal and rarely smiled. Now she smiles, laughs and is again talking. She is always clean and well cared for. She is being properly fed and has gained weight. All her medical, physical and emotional needs are being met.

Hearthstone's Montessori-based approach to Alzheimer/Dementia care really works.
It has been a year now, and mom is doing well. For anyone who is in need of Alzheimer's
or Dementia nursing home care, I would recommend Hearthstone without reservation.
Thank you, again, to the wonderful folks at Hearthstone, for enabling our family to have peace of mind.

A Letter from a family member in Massachusetts
This letter was also published in the
MetroWest Daily News


from Bellevue, Washington
From my first visit to Hearthstone, I felt the warmth and honesty in the atmosphere.
I watched the staff showing respect to people with dementia, and I saw residents experiencing pleasure through music and human interaction. The care taken with the physical environment-personalized collages, artwork from a museum, hallways safe for wandering-spoke to the effort to create meaning and stimulation. This kindness and respect stood in contrast to what I had observed at another, more traditional institution.

Hearthstone serves not just my father, but my family as well. I appreciated the clear, thoughtful communications from the staff, and the willingness to work with me long
distance—finding Hearthstone eased my anxiety and made this life event more bearable.

from Wakefield, MA
Thank you all for the warm welcome you've given my mother. Thank you for taking the time to chat with my mother and hear the stories of her life, thank you for gently caring for her needs in a way that allows her to keep her dignity. Thank you for singing and dancing with her, for the manicures and hairdressing.Thanks for being on top of her medical needs.
Thank you for catering to the Ladies' Table to make it such an enjoyable experience for them all–my mom feels she is going out to eat!

from Rockville, Maryland
When our aunt entered Hearthstone in a wheelchair unable to walk or feed herself, she seemed like a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon. Over a period of a few weeks, like a butterfly our aunt began to grow and flourish. She is ambulating independently with a walker, with little or no assistance. Gingerly and cautiously, she began to gain weight, and converse fluently and lucidly with her new friends.On our visits she discussed the weather, participated gleefully in the numerous social activities, and san and danced freely.
We will always be extremely indebted to you for giving our aunt a "new life".

Englewood, New Jersey
I give my applause to your very unique and effective program through which my mother has greatly stabilized and flourished in a way that is nothing short of miraculous. In the three months she has been at Hearthstone her health has improved, her emotional state has become happier and less stressed, and her symptoms seem less obvious. On a special note, my mother has given the priceless gift of reconnecting with the part of her that is and and always will be a musician. Seeing my mother's true spirit come back to life and shine through her eyes that day she played music again was an experience I will never forget.

Shrewsbury, MA
To all the staff members of Hearthstone–I have watched with pleasure and reassurance the loving care you give to my husband and the other residents. I appreciate the fact that you work as a team to make his life as pleasant and as comfortable as possible… and that
you are always on top of the situation.

Woburn, MA
Coming from another Alzheimer's residence, we had no idea there is is such a difference between facilities. While we thought the transition would be difficult, the Hearthstone staff took their time, followed her lead and were able to incorporate our mother into the community. When Mom smiled at them, I could see her genuine appreciation for your
caring staff. The staff also led us down the road gently and with confidence. Even the sharing of difficult news was always done with the utmost sensitivity and gentleness.
Your experience shows, and inspired our confidence in you and ourselves.
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...think of Pearl smiling and singing to you and remember how thankful we are for your caring....
— family member

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We are in your debt for great advice and great care. Many thanks to you and your team once again! -- family member

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I appreciate your laughter and your humor,
and I know my husband does too.
I've seen him laugh with you.
And I appreciate the fact that you care for me,
and my needs and concerns, when I visit, and
that I can go home, knowing he is in good hands.
—from wife in Shrewsbury, MA

When Heather and Nancy were leaving after evaluating my mother's progress, Mom gave them a glowing smile, waved, and called out "I love you."
You are all her "Loves" and she calls
Hearthstone her home.
from a family in Wakefield, MA

On a special note, my mother was given the priceless gift of reconnecting with the part of
her that is and always will be a musician.

Seeing my mother's true spirit come back to life, and shine through her eyes that day she began
to play music again was an experience I will
never forget.
—from a daughter in Englewood, New Jersey
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