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I am very thankful that I was able to visit Hearthstone in Manhattan. Your activity program is impressive! And it was wonderful to see the life and dynamics in your environment  and the interactions between staff and the old people living there.
A great inspiration for my project.
Amazing how you have made it work for 29 people in a tall building in the middle of Manhattan! It seems that activity and staff attitude is crucial for you success, in addition to a variation in common spaces, areas for walking and the focus on autonomy and freedom of choice.
Erlend Bleken, Student in Department of Design, MSc level
Norwegian Academy of Arts in Bergen

I had a wonderful time visiting Hearthstone at the Esplanade in September, 2010. Nettie Harper gave me a very thorough tour of space, emphasizing keys elements in the design of the environment as well as the programs and activities of Hearthstone.
She gave me clear answers for any questions I had as we walked through the different spaces as well as patiently answering any questions I had towards the end of tour.
It allowed me to better understand how a well designed Alzheimer's care facility works, and the importance of certain design elements and criteria for a space with residents who have Alzheimer's.
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Hearthstone and to talk with Nettie. She is a very caring woman who is understanding of the needs and wants of the residents and all that goes into making the space work as well as it does.
I visited two other facilities, which were social day care programs for adults with Alzheimer's, and I felt that the design of the environment was lacking in comparison to Hearthstone at the Esplanade.
My visit at Hearthstone was very inspirational and provided me with very useful information which will help me in my design project.

Karen Villanueva,Senior Interior Design student
The New York School of Interior Design

I toured Hearthstone to see what design features and what environment can help those affected with Alzheimer's and dementia. I wanted to understand things that could improve the well-being of people living Alzheimer's and to learn what are the features of the ideal environment for aging.
My tour was very helpful and useful. It was amazing how happy and alert the
residents were!

Guy Luscombe, Head of Aged Design at Rice Daubney, Sydney, Australia
Rice Daubney is an architectural company that specializes in health architecture.



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