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The Hearthstone Institute provides speakers to present on the following topics (1 hour).
Other topics are available on request and can be customized to meet organizational goals.

I’m Still Here™
In this presentation Dr. Zeisel offers an overview of his internationally best selling book “I’m Still Here:  A New Philosophy of Alzheimer’s Care” (Penguin books). The talk includes a general discussion of the topics in the book and selected readings.  This presentation can be combined with an author book signing if desired. 

Learning for Life™:  the C-MAP™ Learning System
This presentation provides attendees with an overview of Hearthstone’s innovative C-MAP Learning System, featured in the PBS special "Hopeful Aging".  C-MAP™ is a first of its kind evidence-based learning program for people with early cognitive impairment and memory loss.   C-MAP™ represents a radical paradigm shift in dementia care that enables participants to satisfy their need for achievement and self-fulfillment.  It is a multi dimensional program, employing Montessori methodology and the latest research on Procedural Memory Systems embedded in Hearthstone’s well established I’m Still Here™ approach. 

Montessori-inspired Activity Programming (MAP™)
This presentation offers an introduction to the basic principles of Hearthstone’s
I’m Still Here™ Montessori-inspired Activity Programming (MAP™), an innovative method of working with persons living with cognitive impairments inspired by the educational philosophies of childhood educator, Maria Montessori.  This methodology has been shown to significantly increase levels of engagement, participation, satisfaction, success and quality of life for persons living with memory challenges.

You have the P.O.W.E.R.™
How to create successful interventions for the most common challenging behaviors associated with Dementia   This presentation instructs and inspires participants on how to create successful interventions for the most common challenging behaviors associated with dementia using an assessment tool called P.O.W.E.R.™.   Using case studies drawn from real-life experiences at Hearthstone, we debunk myths, examine potential triggers, and discuss action plans that provide caregivers with strategies designed to reduce or eliminate these behaviors.

Beyond Art Therapy
In this presentation we examine the relationship between art and Alzheimer’s disease, and show how art has the ability to revive and utilize emotional memories.  We will discuss ways in which the artistic experience, both creating and viewing art, can be used to foster a “sense of self” among participants. The discussion will also include ways to see artistic intervention as a valid treatment for the symptoms of dementia, leading to greater access to cultural opportunities and increased quality of life.

Non-Pharmacologic Interventions for Person with Dementia
This presentation demonstrates how the use of non-pharmacologic treatment modalities – environment, communication techniques and therapeutic activities – combined with the use of pharmaceutical treatments when needed offers the most effective means of providing a high quality of life to people living with cognitive challenges. Hearthstone’s Coordinate Care Approach™ is discussed in detail and specific examples are used to illustrate how these techniques are used at Hearthstone residences.

The Dynamics of Memory and Aging
There is much more to memory than merely short-term and long-term retrieval. Emotional and spiritual memories are interwoven with our personalities, and when accessed, allow for greater connection to our community and ourselves.  This is especially true for those living with memory challenges. During this presentation we will discuss Memory Systems and participants will learn ways to strengthen their “memory muscles” and possibly delay onset of dementia through exercise, cognitive stimulation and nutrition.  

Friends for Life
The presentation focuses on ways to build successful, positive relationships with people who are living with dementia, including communication techniques and management of challenging behaviors.  It is designed for family members, friends, professionals or anyone is caring for a person with memory impairment.  Whether the person is living at home or in a Long Term Health Care setting, simple techniques will be discussed that can enable participants to have more positive, fulfilling interactions.

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease: an Overview
This presentation covers the following topics: disease definition and history, different stages of the disease, how the brain is affected, effective communication techniques, how to treat the symptoms, and ways to reduce the chance of onset.



• Hearthstone encourages sponsoring organizations
  to work cooperatively with other entities in their
  area to co-sponsor events.

• Organizations are encouraged to apply for continuing   education credits for the presentations.

• Hearthstone will provide overviews, objectives and   other information required to submit applications
  to credentialing agencies.

• Combinations of subject matter can be arranged.

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