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The Hearthstone Institute offers private training to organizations of any size. All training can be customized for an organization's needs.
Support packages, program evaluation services and research protocols can also be arranged.

I'm Still Here™ certification offers truly comprehensive, transformational training that is designed to create a team of dementia experts within your organization. This investment has been shown to create many positive benefits beyond improved quality of life for residents, including:

• Reduction in falls
• Reduction in anti-psychotic drug use
• Reduction in staff turnover
• Increase in family satisfaction
• Marketing differentiation
• Reduction in hospital readmissions
• Decreased workers comp claims


A sample of training courses available is listed below.

Basic Training
• Overview of the I’m Still Here Approach
• The I’m Still Here Personal Care Experience
I’m Still Here Communication Techniques
• The
I’m Still Here Dining Experience
• The I’m Still Here Approach to Managing Challenging Behaviors
• The I’m Still Here Activity Program

Advanced Training
• The I’m Still Here Arts and Culture Experience
• Procedural Interval Learning
• Resident Lead Activity Programming
• Communication Adaptations for Multi-lingual Caregiving
• Leadership Training 

For a complete course catalogue including training descriptions, please contact us for more information at wecare@thehearth.org

Upcoming Programs
In addition to offering our trainings to private organizations, the Hearthstone Institute regularly offers training workshops to the public. These workshops vary in location and topics—keep checking our website for new offerings.


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